Throughout my years of photography, I’ve always been fascinated by people, specifically facial expressions along with emotions and feelings communicated through the eyes. This work is titled “Faces”. Faces is a simple word but far from that when photographed effectively.

The tight composition and framing in this work reveal nuances and details not always seen in wider compositions. Each photograph is a unique expression of who the individual is and when combined with others, forms a story of many illustrating the vast differences and commonalities between them. 

As a visual artist photographing people, it’s my job to establish a connection and engagement with my subjects. My main goal with this body of work is to explore the connections with my subjects going deeper into both them and me. In some cases, I see myself in the work. It is remarkable when this happens and is validation that the connection is deeply authentic. My hope is that viewers of this work will connect with these people in some way and perhaps look at friends and loved ones with respect and admiration for who they are and their feelings and emotions.  

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