The Leaf

I've always had some level of interest in closeup/macro photography but was never sure of the subject matter. I want to photograph things that take on a different life when all of the nuances and details are exposed. I set out on this journey photographing all sorts of objects that I found around the house. Many were interesting but not exactly what I was looking for, they did not take on that new life. I saw a tiny leaf laying in  the kitchen sink one day after my wife was watering one of her plants.  The leaf was asking to be photographed. This tiny leaf (Leaf No. 1) measures only one inch from stem to tip and it did indeed come to life when photographed. I wanted more leaves to photograph so I went outside in my yard and they were everywhere. I quickly discovered that each leaf has its own personality that shines through when photographed. Nature provides the amazing and always interesting textures and colors. These photographs are a mere fraction of a second in the cycle of life that is nature. Soon they will decompose returning to the earth to provide life to new plants and trees.

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