Cover Image

We are surrounded and at times drowning in imagery these days. The Internet, Social Media and camera phones are generating boundless volumes of photographs. Theses photographs largely represent today’s society and how many communicate. Throughout history photographs and imagery have always been used as a communication vehicle. The “cover image” or the first image we see that represents a book, movie product, etc is the one that the sellers hope will grab our attention and draw us in. The “cover image” must communicate the full essence of the content and must do it in a powerful way. The attention span of today’s on line instant gratification society is extremely short. If the “cover image” fails to grab ones attention that product is of no interest to that individual and the likelihood that they will return to it is very close to none. I’ve never set out to make a “cover image”, however I do feel that I have a few. Very few relative to the huge volume of photographs I’ve made over the years. Identifying these “cover images” in your own work takes a very disciplined approach with extremely high standards. I am, without a doubt my harshest critic. 

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