A Story

As an artist it’s important that we’re passionate about our work and that we pour everything we have into it. At times the subconscious plays an important role in the making of an image. Such is the case with this image. I began making this image with the intent that it would fit into the Reverie project. As I worked through it with Erica, various elements and a mood found their way into the photograph. The photograph worked it’s way out of the Reverie project on its own and became something that stands alone as a story.

Each element in the photograph contributes to a story. That story is about me. The photograph on the wall is mine signifying that I’m a photographer. The hat that Erica is holding is in fact my hat and her mood reflects calm along with things lost and things not yet found. The circular twigs represent chaos, confusion and struggle that life often throws at me. The vintage box is fact a container for an old movie projector for which I have a fondness. My Grandfather had one and I remember him pulling it out showing old home movies. 

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