Bryce Canyon National Park

June 2022

One segment of our RV trip to Utah and Arizona took us to Bryce Canyon National Park. We’ve never been there but of course have looked at photographs. In our experience photographs are rarely capable of communicating the true emotion and feelings that spectacular places provide. We arrived at our campsite early enough to make our first visit to the park. It was late afternoon and to our surprise not crowded at all. We found ample parking with no problems. As we were walking up the path to the rim of the canyon, I had a feeling that we were about to experience something special, and I said to Barb; “get ready”. We reached the rim, and the canyon opened its arms and welcomed us with a warmth and calm that immediately evacuated all stress and concerns that many humans carry around. Nature has powerful healing powers and Bryce Canyon is especially strong in reaching people deeply. It was an emotional experience for me. Words do not exist to describe the beauty, feelings, and emotions that one experiences. Once we got over the initial euphoria, It occurred to me that many of the hoodoos looked extremely similar. Any feelings of disappointment quickly vanished as we walked around and explored. With every position and or elevation change Bryce Canyon’s beauty presented itself with magical splendor. I was mesmerized and it became clear that Bryce Canyon had a grip on me that would never be released. We spent a few days exploring and were sad that we had to leave.  

The word “hoodoo” means to bewitch, which is what Bryce Canyon’s rock formations surely do.

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