Nude - The Book

The eighty photographs contained in this book are representative of what I believe to be some of the best work I’ve done over the past ten years. It is a project that has been in process for all of this time, something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a personal project not born out of any desire to make any money. Photo books do not make money. The image selection, sequencing and design of the book were all done be me consuming countless hours spread over a three month period. Producing a book is a tremendous effort requiring long hours and countless editing and proofing iterations. It’s an 8”x8” hard cover book with a dust jacket printed and bound by Edition One Books. The staff at Edition One were outstanding to work with. I highly recommend them if you’re considering a high quality photo book. 

At this point in time there’s no large marketing effort. I do have a small number of copies that are being offered for sale. There’s an introductory video on my video page containing some additional details. Please reach out to me if you’re interested. 

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