Nude - The Book - Feedback

I’ve received some wonderful feedback on the book which is fantastic. This comment received from an individual who purchased the book was unsolicited and accurately describes many of my goals in making the book.

“Let me start at the end. This is a beautiful book with, for want of a better term, a “dreamy” quality. I’m definitely not a critic but did look at it as more than a collection of beautiful images. Graphically it is exquisite; everything from the shape and size, placement of images on the pages, tonal coherence, to the type face is perfect. The images compliment each other and the book flows to the point where in itself it is a piece of graphic art. The end result looks simple, but I can see that a huge amount of effort went into achieving this level of refinement. Thanks for doing it.”

Marc N.

There are still a few copies remaining that can be purchased on my website. Click here for the store.

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