Post Processing

A few thoughts on post processing in the digital world.

There is an incredibly large pool of resources available on the Internet and I use many of them regularly. Most of what I use them for is to gain the technical knowledge of the tools to achieve some desired result. That is to say that my approach is to gain the technical knowledge and then the real work begins. The real work being applying that knowledge to achieve the results I’m looking for in my photographs. It’s clear that we work hard and are passionate about our work. Editing, or post processing as I prefer to call it is a critical component in the process of making strong photographs. The result, however, starts at the beginning when the concept is conceived, the set designed, etc… If any of these steps fail or break down, no amount of post processing can fix it. If you begin with a strong concept and image the editing becomes much easier unless you’re doing composites or something that requires extensive post processing in which case the technical skills become more of a factor. Either way it takes time and practice. I’ll spend time post processing images that no one will ever see as a means of developing my vision and the technical skills required to achieve it.

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