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  1. Face

    Over the years I’ve made hundreds of portraits and I never tire of looking at them. They seem to take on different personas and meanings at different times. The current times are different than the majority of us have ever experienced. Having time on my hands I went back through…

  2. 2019

    I think it’s fair to say that those of us who are constantly pursuing growth and evolution in our art travel many roads of inspiration and learning. I’m a believer that growth comes from experience and learning. 2019 was an interesting year for my photography. What you see here is…

  3. Why I like this Photograph #5

    First and foremost it’s the aesthetic that grabs me and holds my interest. It does not take over the picture but rather hooks my interest and encourages me to look deeper. When I look deeper I see beautiful soft natural light illuminating a palette of organic earthy colors. The dead…

  4. Don’t Settle

    Don’t Settle, add soul to your pictures. Go deeper, forget the gear and focus on the light, subject and composition, give the picture your soul, the soul it deserves. This is hard which is why the world is full of soulless pictures. I don’t subscribe to any theories that quantity…

  5. Uncommon Portraits

    Engaging portraits can be incredibly powerful.  I’ve brushed the dust off of this from about five years ago.  It was originally created for a portrait talk that I was asked to do at the Chester County Art Association for the local camera club. (make sure your sound is turned on)

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