The High Key Journey

I’ve done very little of what I would consider true high key work over the years. Earlier this year the inspiration hit me and it became obvious that this is something I wanted to explore. Much of my work over the years is high contrast with very deep shadows. I suppose it communicates or attempts to communicate a strong sense of power. High key speaks to me with a softer lighter message beyond the obvious that are the visual tones. My intent is that this journey takes me well beyond the tones on the surface into deeper meanings, moods, feelings and emotions. I know not how long I will be on this journey, however I do know that I’ll give it fair opportunity to flourish.

I’m curious to discover how the constraint of high key will influence the work and ultimately what it will communicate.

The images below are the very first steps in my journey. Disclaimer time; one of these is an older image that I’ve reworked. The images are order from oldest to newest.

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