Thin Breaths - September 2022

I hope this message finds you well. It’s been a while since my last message and life has been extremely busy with traveling and retirement. Yes, that’s correct, I’m leaving the world of corporate wage slaving and beginning a new chapter in my life. So far this year has been extremely rewarding for my photography. In May I participated in the Chester County Studio Tour with sales exceeding any expectations I may have had. I’m planning to participate again next year.

I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time traveling with my family. Our travel method of choice is in an RV. We don’t own an RV and have no plans to purchase one. We own a truck and rent towable RVs as needed. We lived in a travel trailer for 33 days traveling to southern Utah and Arizona. It was an epic adventure and an experience of a lifetime.

I’ve also spent a lot of time working on both composite and macro photography. I attended a compositing workshop with Fran Forman. I’ve always found workshops to be both educational and inspirational. With little to no idea what I wanted to explore in the macro photography world, I set out with a new macro lens and a focusing rail and began shooting all sorts of objects. One day I discovered a tiny leaf in the kitchen sink. It fell off of a plant my wife had been watering so I decided to photograph it. It’s Leaf No. 1 and is shown below. At this point, I’ve built what I believe is a very nice portfolio of leaves. Click The Leaf here to have a look. I love the colors of these leaves and the organic feel of the images. I’m really enjoying the challenge and creativity associated with the creating composite images. All of my composites contain at least  one of my photographs combined with some stock photographs. A portfolio titled Short Stories has evolved from this effort. 

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