Two Weeks Ago

I feel compelled to share this after what I’ve experienced over the past two weeks.

An idea to make photographs representing what I call “Different Lenses” has been floating around in my head for a few months. Two weeks ago, it had no life. Today it’s breathing and full of life and rewards. It’s astounding to me when I think that it only existed as a thought two weeks ago. Today it’s so much more than a thought. It’s teaching me patience because of me taking it seriously and demanding I give it my best. Giving it focus and intense periods of hard work are producing results that are more satisfying than I ever thought possible. My creative life (photography) had been experiencing a drought over the past year or so. This project is producing a monsoon of possibilities and ideas and has strengthened my belief and confidence in my art. 

What does this mean? It’s a lesson in acting on your creative ideas. An idea can do nothing to serve us until we serve it and give it life. 

Many of us are hesitant or fearful to take the leap and bring our ideas to life. There was a time when I was somewhat controlled by this hesitancy and fear. It’s taken some time for me to gain control and move beyond these limiters. Yes, they are limiting your growth and creativity. When I feel stuck, I remind myself of what I call the “Two Week Effect”.

Bringing your ideas to life doesn’t mean that you must send them out into the world and become vulnerable. The first step is perceiving it as a positive leap not a dangerous one. Absorb and learn as it gives back to you. There are also rewards to being vulnerable. My suggestion is to explore your vulnerability. Make no mistake, the process of giving it life will bring rewards. 

Despite those that do not find their way into the world, they will still serve their creator. They will teach us things we didn’t know or realize about ourselves and add experience to our toolbox.  

Go out and give your idea life and show me what you have two weeks later.

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