Why I like this Photograph

I realize that it’s a bit cliche but I truly do make pictures for myself that I like and there are solid reasons why I like them. It’s a wonderful added reward if others enjoy my work, however, I’m the only one that I feel I need to serve and satisfy.

This is a photograph that I made recently working with Sienna Hayes. It appeals to me for a number of reasons. I love working with fabric and the lines and texture that can be created. Photographs are clearly two dimensional. The fabric when lit effectively adds depth to the image giving it a the depth of a three dimensional feel.  The figure is not fully nude and communicates a guarded mood with the arms folded in front of her. Her eyes looking a bit upward and straight ahead of her indicate a willingness to explore and let the guard down. However, something must happen before the guard will come down.  Not seeing her eyes or facial expression adds a bit of mystery allowing the viewer to engage in the image and search their own thoughts.

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