Why I like this Photograph #3

There are a few things in this photograph that I like. The model’s stance suggests a few things and allows the viewer to engage with the picture and form their own interpretation. For me it suggests that she is contemplating something. Moving towards some change in her life’s path. What this is is up to you the viewer. The dress could be either festive or somber; once agin it’s up to what the viewer sees. The negative space holds the viewer’s attention on the subject.

Homage to Rober Farber

I spend a lot of time studying photography and my primary genre which is the nude figure. One of the greats who has provided me much inspiration is Robert Farber. These are two images that drew me in and held my interest so I had a go at my interpretation of them. 

Why I like this Photograph #2

I realize that it’s a bit cliche but I truly do make pictures for myself that I like and there are solid reasons why I like them. It’s a wonderful added reward if others enjoy my work, however, I’m the only one that I feel I need to serve and satisfy.

I love the softness in the focus of this coupled with the natural window light. The curved lines and shadows of the backdrop compliment the overall soft feel of the image. The angle of the fabric around her waist and the lines created by it offer a bit of soft tension.  Her head leaning downward indicates a pensive mood. Her arms drawn in simplify and enhance the shape of the figure. The anonymity allows the viewer to engage with all other aspects of the picture without distraction.

Model credit: BethMG

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