BLAK - A Bit of Pop Art

Recently I found myself looking at a lot of pop art. I’ve always been a quiet fan of some of it and almost purchased a piece last weekend. My daughter and better judgement talked me out of the purchase. Now the brain kicked in and I decided to have a go at making some pop art integrating my photography. Let’s just say I’m having lot of fun exploring the possibilities. Technically it’s made to simulate screen printing. All of the effects are best best seen when printed very large. This is the very first piece that is ready to be shared. Stayed tuned, more to come.


I’m very excited about a new project that I’ve been contemplating and working on for quite some time. It’s titled Reverie and explores musing, being lost in one’s thoughts, daydreaming, engrossment, absorption. The first photographs for the project have been completed and posted in a new gallery on my website. My primary focus will be this project for the foreseeable future. I am looking for interested collaborators so if you have any interest please reach out to me.

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