CCAA Art Auction

I’m honored to have a piece in the Chester County Art Association Past and Present auction. This image is the signature image from my solo show at CCAA. The show was a wonderful presentation of my abstract work titled “Surfacing - The Abstract Effect”.

Details for the auction can be found on the CCAA Website.

Why I like this Photograph #5

First and foremost it’s the aesthetic that grabs me and holds my interest. It does not take over the picture but rather hooks my interest and encourages me to look deeper. When I look deeper I see beautiful soft natural light illuminating a palette of organic earthy colors. The dead roses potentially represent different things to different people. I like pictures that offer the viewer opportunity to exercise their imagination and draw their own interpretation. The real strength of this picture is her gaze, not directly engaging the viewer but yet her expression still manages to attract attention. 

Model credit: Astrid Kallsen

Doors and Windows of Provence

In the summer of 2016 we spent a wonderful ten days roaming around Provence in the South of France. The food, the wine and the people were nothing short of magnificent. I was attracted to the doors and windows of many of the old buildings. Yes, some of these buildings are older than our country. Doors and windows are fascinating as they allow us to imagine what may be held on the inside.

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