Erica Jay - Exploring Portraits

Anyone who knows me knows that I love strong portraits and am always exploring new and different concepts and ways to make them. This series of portraits was made with natural available light in a rather tight space.  The light was beautiful and the space offered some elements that I probably would normally not incorporate in a portrait composition.  Erica and I began shooting and I liked most of what I saw.  The white wall on the left side was disturbing to me but Erica convinced me that it looked good and should remain an integral part of the composition. I now embrace the white all and its contribution to the images.  As a photographer and artist it’s important to remain open and allow yourself to explore and experiment as this is how discovery happens.

Model credit: Erica Jay

Simple Objects

Simple objects can be used in very interesting ways. Much of my work over the years has been and will continue to be minimalistic and simple, however I’ve recently developed an interest in introducing objects.  Introducing objects or elements presents challenges exploring and finding ways to connect them with the nude form in meaningful ways. The shape, tones and textures all play a key role in selecting them for inclusion.  It’s fairly obvious that what the object is also plays a key role.  I don’t believe that one can introduce any object and make it effective. I will explore and experiment with different objects but only those that I feel are successful will make the cut. I strongly encourage exploration as it can and will help in reaching deeper creative depths.

I’m quite satisfied with these three images in that they all incorporate the same object while telling very different stories.

Model credit: Arielita

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