Exploring Portraiture

Portraiture comes with endless possibilities and varieties which is one of the reasons why I love it. The main reason that I love it is that we humans have a depth in personality and soul that I’m convinced not even we can comprehend. I work hard towards capturing this on some level. The level will always vary and has a lot to do with the relationship and engagement between photographer and subject. This will even change between the same two people on different days. Whether we like it or not we are constantly influenced by everything around us every day. Another aspect of being human that is both frustrating and rewarding. 

I’ve worked with Liv a few times and wanted to have a photo session largely dedicated to exploring portraiture in a way that is new and different for me. These pictures are the result of that session.

Model credit: Liv Spencer


Why I like this Photograph #3

There are a few things in this photograph that I like. The model’s stance suggests a few things and allows the viewer to engage with the picture and form their own interpretation. For me it suggests that she is contemplating something. Moving towards some change in her life’s path. What this is is up to you the viewer. The dress could be either festive or somber; once agin it’s up to what the viewer sees. The negative space holds the viewer’s attention on the subject.

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