Why I like this Photograph #6

The title of this image is “Retired Pick Up Truck”. It is in fact just that. The tonal range with a hint of sepia give it appropriate aging. The depth of field is spot on as the only thing really in focus is the mirror. The background is soft without clear definition engaging the viewer’s imagination without being a distraction. The primary subject is clearly the mirror. Being slightly off center breaks any unnecessary symmetry. Graphically the triangular elements in the mirror hold the eye offering a glimpse into the history of the truck and presenting questions. Who drove this truck, what did it haul and when?


I think it’s fair to say that those of us who are constantly pursuing growth and evolution in our art travel many roads of inspiration and learning. I’m a believer that growth comes from experience and learning. 2019 was an interesting year for my photography. What you see here is an honest representation of my year in photography. I challenged myself with a new project titled Reverie. Reverie is a small body of work inspired by Ramon Lombarte who is a painter, that may or may not be completed. Should opportunity present itself, I’ll certainly expand it. I taught two more “Creating the Fine Art Nude” workshops which is always a tremendous experience. Another trip West to Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras. My book “Nude” which began in 2018 was completed, published and almost sold out. Two copies remain. I’ve also returned to Light Sculpting with a focus on all things organic.  

I learned a new Photoshop technique that I call Photo Painting that transforms an image into a painting. A few examples below. 

A few experiments in Pop Art.

Using Format